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About Me

I am a professional web developer who is passionate about creating unique, top quality websites that show off and promote organisations in South Wales.

Hi, I am Robbie Rickman a  web designer and software developer based in South Wales. I create modern, Google friendly websites and web applications that are responsive and work beautifully on any device.

I have a PhD in Physics and started my programming career writing scientific software to automate experiments and process data. My background is diverse stretching from research scientist, mathematics teacher to World-Cup mountain bike racer. I believe in challenging myself, working hard and never sacrificing quality. This ethos has given me a wide portfolio of skills to help you achieve the strong online presence that you are after.

Rickman Design brings together my passion for code with the beauty and creativity of design. There is one aim; to create a stunning, modern and lovingly crafted website for your business.

Robbie Rickman

Website Design

Rickman Design understands the passion you have for your business and will work closely with you to develop and take care of your ideas. I build sites and web-applications using a highly adaptable platform and offer a bespoke service that can be tailored to meet the full scope and scale of your requirements.

Whether you need your site modernising for mobile or built from scratch, Rickman Design would love to be involved. Read on to find out what I offer.

  • Features


    I build websites from the ground up using cutting edge design frameworks. This produces efficient, modern and great looking websites that your customers (and search engines) will love. Best of all you can be confident that your site is built upon reliable and future-proof technology.

    Learn more about the technology I use.


    Gone are the days of single format websites. To achieve top search rankings your website must look great on any device which is why I build sites for the mobile phone and upwards. This ensures that whatever device your customer uses they will have a great experience and find the information or service they are after. 

    To get an idea how responsive design works load this site on a different device or drag the corner of your web-browser to see how the site adapts.

    Letting you take charge

    Don't be stuck with a site that drifts out of date. You and other members of your organisation can create dynamic and engaging articles using the powerful and easy to use stream-field editor. This editor gives you full control over the look and content of your articles without any of the hassle of html code. 

    Friendly, personal service

    Design is inherently a two way process and I value your input and ideas. I am on-hand to discuss and implement your design and keep you up to date on the progress and changes along the way.

    Attention to detail

    Coming from a scientific background I understand the importance of accuracy and getting the details right. It is the coming together of a multitude of little touches that will make sure your site stands out above the rest.

  • Technology

    Rickman Design builds your site using professional developer tools that are powerful, secure and fast.  Your website or web app will not be shoe-horned into an existing template but built from from scratch to ensure it stands out from the crowd and offers the exact features your customers are after.

    Technology and Tools:


    Python & Django

    Django is employed to build a secure, fast back end that controls and handles the data on your site.  Django is a highly extendable framework built upon Python.  Organisations such as NASA, The Guardian, Pinterest and National Geographic have built their sites using Django illustrating the dependability and potential of this system.



    Wagtail is used to create a modern, optimised content management system (CMS) that meets the exact needs of your site. It focuses on ease of use for you the editor and includes the Streamfield editor that gives you modular control over the types of content included in your articles.  I choose Wagtail because it brings powerful image management, search and content creation tools that allow you to update, create and manage outstanding content.



    HTML5  is the code that creates what you see when you load a webpage.  It is the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript that enables rich, responsive media orientated websites. HTML5 uses the latest browser features allowing us to build sophisticated modern web applications that can be accessed on a wide range of devices and platforms from anywhere in the world.



    Bourbon and Bourbon Neat are the main tool sets used when building the front end of your site.  Bourbon offers a lightweight solution to rapidly building the structure and user interface of the page. Only what you need is loaded helping to keep your site working efficiently. Furthermore Bourbon enables us to build sites with a familiar user interface without being identical to millions of other sites on the web.


    Hosting and Email

    Hosting, Email and Domains.  Rickman Design offer a range of solutions to managing the deployment of your site on the web.  A package will be selected that best meets the requirements of your business.


Fill in the form below or give me a call on 07891 369223 to start a conversation and find out how I can help promote your business online. 

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